Socialist Tyrant in Venezuela and Iranian Regime Position for Confrontation with Trump Administration

The secretary of State Mike Pompeo said this week, “Two years ago today, Maduro showed the Venezuelan people and the world that there can be no free and fair election. The Democratic Transition Framework provides a roadmap for peaceful democratic transition for Venezuela.”

Brigatier General Ricardo Aponte, a United States Air Force officer who was the first Hispanic Director, J-7, of the United States Southern Command, stated the unitary position of the political factions of the Assembly support the proposal of a national emergency government after Maduro´s departure.

Socialist tyrant Nicolas Maduro and Iranian President Rouhani have challenged Trump in Venezuela.

According to Venezuelan security expert Ivan Simonovis, since April 22nd, the private Iranian Mahan Air has made 17 flights to Venezuela. Most of the flights landed in Paraguaná with the excuse of assisting with repairs at a dilapidated oil refinery. But Simonovis claims they are building an operations center at Cabo San Román, the northernmost point of Venezuela continental and where you get to see the lights of Aruba and Curacao at night. Additionally, Commissioner Simonovis says that the operations center in Venezuela seeks to monitor air and maritime communications.
Deputy Aponte says there are also indications that those planes are actually transporting espionage and communications monitoring equipment from Iran to the Venezuelan regime. There is also the hypothesis the planes brought implements for the placement of anti-aircraft missile batteries to the Paraguaná peninsula in northern Venezuela.
The intention of Maduro and Rouhani is clear: To break the maximum pressure strategy of the Trump government. If they succeed, it could mean the loss of American authority on the South American continent.  And perhaps all countries that have ties to the mafia state will use the same means to confront the Trump administration.


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