President Trump Holds Meeting With Joint Chiefs of Staff and National Security Team at the White House

President held a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his national security team at the White House Saturday evening. Neither the subject of the meeting, which was originally set for Camp David, nor the reason for the change of location was disclosed.

“President Trump said yesterday he would travel to Camp David this weekend for a “big meeting” with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The trip was canceled but he’ll meet with senior military leadership in Cabinet Room soon. White House didn’t provide a reason for the change of plans.”

The press was let in for about a minute to take photographs. Trump made brief, general remarks and said the meeting would continue, but answered no questions from reporters.

“In photo op at end of WH meeting with Joint Chiefs, Pres Trump reports very productive session at which they discussed “various things,” Declined to take press questions,”

“Pres Trump not in a talkative mood during press photo op at end of meeting with Joint Chiefs. Made a very brief statement, calling the meeting “very very productive,” but offered no details of the issues discussed. Did trumpet rebuilding of military on his watch.”

The lack of coronavirus masks on the leaders was noted.

List of scheduled attendees via pool reporter Tal Kopan of the San Francisco Chronicle:

The White House
President Donald J. Trump
Mark Meadows, Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff
Robert O’Brien, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs
LTG Keith Kellogg, Assistant to the President and National Security Advisor to the Vice President

Trump Administration
Secretary Mike Pompeo, Department of State
Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Department of the Treasury
Secretary Mark Esper, Department of Defense
Acting Director Richard Grenell, Director of National Intelligence
General Mark A. Milley, USA, 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
General John E. Hyten, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
General David L. Goldfein, USAF, Chief of Staff of the Air Force
General David H. Berger, USMC, Commandant of the Marine Corps
General James C. McConville, USA, Chief of Staff of the Army
Admiral Karl L. Schultz, USCG, Commandant of the Coast Guard
General John W. Raymond, USSF, Chief of Space Operations

The meeting ended around 7 p.m.

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