MSNBC Reporter Cal Perry’s Coronavirus Mask Shaming of Passerby Backfires Live on Air (Video)

MSNBC reporter Call Perry went coronavirus mask-shaming in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, reporting on the large numbers of people not wearing masks as they ventured outdoors to enjoy the warm spring weather on the long Memorial Day holiday weekend.

“Memorial Day weekend in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Most folks up visiting from Illinois (where masks are required) to Wisconsin (where they are not). Just about everything is open. #MSNBC”

In a live report on Monday, a mask-wearing Perry was speaking to anchor Katy Tur, bemoaning that most of the people passing by were not wearing masks.

Perry turned his cameraman around to shame a man walking by live on national television for not wearing a mask.

The man coolly pointed out that Perry’s cameraman was not wearing a mask. The retort was heard on air with Perry acknowledging the point and turning away as if wounded by the truth.

Edited clip with intro of Tur praising Perry for wearing a mask and social distancing:

Unedited clip started later in segment:

The icing on the cake is the man filmed the exchange with Perry. His wife posted it to Twitter on Tuesday. In the video Perry can be seen violating social distancing by reaching out and touching the non-mask wearing cameraman to turn him to film the man he was mask-shaming. The man also shows that another member of Perry’s crew was not wearing a mask.

“Full video my husband, Andy, took of @CalNBC at Lake Geneva on Memorial Day! Hypocrites on full display!
@MSNBC Cameraman and other crew NOT wearing masks while shaming others exercising their freedom not to!”

Photo of MSNBC cameraman sans mask, touching his face:

Bonus clip:

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