Mayhem in Santa Monica: Antifa, BLM Terrorists Loot Businesses, Man-Handle Woman, Beat Elderly Man in Broad Daylight (VIDEO)

Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists began looting and terrorizing people in Santa Monica, California on Sunday.

Santa Monica is an upscale beach city in Los Angeles yet police officers took forever to respond as the left-wing terrorists looted businesses.

One terrorist man-handled a woman who was peacefully protesting the murder of George Floyd.

The mask-clad woman held up a sign that said “end violence now.”

Antifa grabbed the woman by her arm and tossed her.


An elderly man was beaten in broad daylight in the middle of the promenade.


A sneaker store was ransacked by Black Lives Matter thugs.

A BLM terrorist took a baseball bat to a jewelry store. “Get that jewelry store!” someone yelled as police officers arrived to the scene.

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