Maduro Regime Releases Video of Captured US Mercenary Luke Denman – US Hopes to Repatriate the Two US Citizens Captured by Regime (VIDEO)

The Venezuelan military captured two U.S. citizens who took part in a failed attempt over the weekend to entered the country by sea and Socialist Tyrant President Nicolas Maduro.

Secretary of the State Mike Pompeo denied on Wednesday that the United State was involved in the so-called “Gedeon Operations.”  Pompeo added, “If we had been involved, the result would have been different.”

Former U.S. special forces soldiers Luke Denman, 34, and Airan Berry, 41, were arrested Monday as part of the foiled attack

The tyrant Maduro says  José Alberto Socorro Hérnandez, called “Pepero,” admitted he is works with the US Druge Enforcement Agency (DEA).

José Alberto Socorro Hernándeas

The alleged agent of the DEA Socorro Hernández, is reportedly linked to a previous drug case in the US involving the nephews of Maduro´s wife.

According  to reporter Federico Black B. “Pepero” is mentioned in documente 162 d casa 1:15- CR-00765 – PAC of the New york Court. The case of Efraín Campo Flores and Francisco Flores De Freitas who were charged with the conspiracy to bring drugs to the United States.

Maduro´s political nephews were found guilty in November 2016 and convicted of trafficking of cocaine. The dictator forgot to mention this important information about “Pepero.”

Meanwhile Venezuelan President Juan Guaido posted on Twitter  that there are patriotic soldiers ready to fight for Venezuela.

Guaido added that a National Emergency Government is urgently needed to stabilize Venezuela and emerge from this disaster.

It is clear that the details on what happened with the mercenary attack is a new lie by the dictatorship.

The regime ignored the Guanare massacre and the confrontation in Petare.  They seek to confuse the people and place false evidence.  They cannot be trusted, ever.

The regime released video of captured US mercenary Luke Denman describing failed plot to remove the tyrant Maduro.

Finally, Secretary Pompeo said  that USA will do everything possible to repatriate its citizens detained by the Maduro regime.


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