Joe Biden Tells Women Who Believe Tara Reade That They Should Not Vote For Him (VIDEO)


Gropin’ Joe on Thursday evening told women who believe Tara Reade that they should probably not vote for him.

“What do you say to women who were ready to vote for Joe Biden, eager to vote for Joe Biden, but this gives them serious pause because they do believe Tara Reade and you’re not going to change their mind about that. What would you say to them about their vote?” MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell asked Biden.

“Well I think they should vote their heart and if they believe Tara Reade they probably shouldn’t vote for me,” said Biden.

Tara Reade accused her former boss then-Senator Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993.

Reade said in 1993, then-Senator Joe Biden pushed her up against the wall and penetrated her with his fingers.

According to a Monmouth University poll published on May 6, 37% of voters believe the allegation against Biden is probably true.

This poll was taken before Tara Reade’s explosive, R-rated interview with Megyn Kelly where she went into graphic detail about the sexual assault so the number of people who believe her are probably higher following the interview.

So Biden is telling a significant number of women not to vote for him.

Great strategy, Joe!


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