Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden Condemns America as Racist, “The Original Sin of This Country Still Stains Our Nation Today” (VIDEO)

First Barack Obama, now Joe Biden.

Joe “you ain’t black” Biden condemned America as a racist nation of slave masters in a video statement on Friday.

The irony of Joe Biden condemning America as racist after he just told black Americans they “ain’t black” if they vote for Trump — and blamed black radio host, Charlamagne tha God for his racist comment.

Rioters looted businesses and razed buildings to the ground this week after a Minneapolis police officer killed a black man named George Floyd using excessive force during an arrest on Monday.

Instead of calling for law and order, Biden fanned the flames and condemned America as a nation of evil racists.

“The original sin of this country still stains our nation today … We’re a country with an open wound. None of us any longer can hear the words ‘I can’t breathe’ and do nothing,“ Biden said.


Barack Obama also threw gas on the fire Friday morning and used the death of George Floyd to condemn America as racist.

Since President Trump is a real leader, he has both condemned the use of excessive force by the Minneapolis police officer AND called for law and order to put an end to the rioting and looting.

Many of the businesses being destroyed in south Minneapolis are black-owned and yet the Democrat ‘leaders’ are refusing to condemn the rioters.

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