Former Israeli Health Minister: The COVID-19 Response Has Been “Monstrous Hysteria” Reaching to the Irrational

Dr. Andrew Bostom tweeted out an important interview today with former Israeli Director of Israel’s Health Ministry.

Yoram Lass lambastes the “monstrous hysteria” over the Coronavirus pandemic and compares the disease numbers to the average flu.

The interview was posted on Spiked Online.

Dr. Andrew Bostom: oram Lass, former Dir of Israel’s Health Ministry on “monstrous hysteria” of Covid19: “This is nothing more than a flu epidemic if you care to look at the numbers & data, but people who are in a state of anxiety are blind.”

”Mortality due to coronavirus is a fake number. Most people are not dying from coronavirus…the number of infected people is fake, bec it depends on the number of tests.. only real number is the total # of deaths – all causes of death, not just coronavirus.”

“Every winter we get what is called an excess death rate… CV comes very fast, but it also goes away very fast. The flu wave is shallow as it takes 3mos to pass.. CV season, we have had an excess mortality which is about 15% larger than the epidemic of regular flu in 2017”

“Compared to that (15%) rise, the draconian measures are of biblical proportions. Hundreds of millions of people are suffering.. More people will die from the measures than from the virus. And the people who die from the measures are the breadwinners.”

“Among the people who die from coronavirus, the median age is often higher than the life expectancy of the population.. What has been done is not proportionate… People are brainwashed. They do not listen to the data. And that includes governments”

“anyone but Prof Ferguson will tell you that lockdown cannot change the final # of infected people.. look at Sweden. No lockdown and no collapse of hospitals. The argument for the lockdown collapses”

“in 2017, 25,000 Italians died from flu complications. Now you have around 30,000 dying from coronavirus. So it is a comparable number. You should not ruin a country for comparable numbers”

“If you look at the 1950s, we had the Asian flu. In the 1960s, there was the Hong Kong flu. These were worse than this pandemic.”

“The (corona)virus, like the influenza virus, is saying farewell to western Europe for sure…nothing can justify this destruction of people’s lives. It is unbelievable”

We are starting to see more and more doctors and experts coming out with the facts on this panic-porn pandemic.
Thank goodness they are speaking out against the global insanity.

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