COVID-19 Doctors Push Back on CDC’s Controversial and Questionable Rules that Inflate Real Coronavirus Numbers

In April the CDC forced states to recount their coronavirus deaths to include confirmed cases and probable cases.
Several states are in the process of reassessing their numbers based on this controversial new rule.

They likely did this because the initial predictions they used included the Imperial College Study out of England that predicted 2 million deaths in the US due to the virus.  Of course, the numbers were much less than that.  The UK study is now confirmed as a complete fraud.

In mid-April New York state added 3,700 deaths to their numbers to include presumed but not confirmed cases.

The CDC is forcing states to recount their coronavirus fatality deaths and update their numbers.

But now COVID-19 doctors are pushing back against the inaccurate labeling promoted by the CDC.

Via Dr. Andrew Bostom.

Christine Dolan at Just The News reported:

Frontline COVID-19 doctors this week have gone public saying they feel pressured to show COVID-19 as cause-of-death on certificates of patients suspected of having the virus when they also have had underlying medical conditions.

Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, a clinical researcher, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease and the World Health Organization have issued “vague if not misguided recommendations that unfortunately have been adopted by national, state and local leaders.”

“It is absolutely critical that we have accurate data to support decision-makers,” he also told Just the News. “If the data in our assessments included patients who have not definitively tested positive for COVID-19, that provides misleading information to policy-makers…

…It is unusual when there is a new disease and a patient dies and the cause of their death may be their underlying condition like diabetes or congestive heart failure and the doctors are pressured to report the cause of death as COVID-19 instead.

Such reporting could result in inaccurately inflating the number of virus-related deaths and hurt those drafting public health policy for future pandemics or epidemics.

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