Retaliation? Newsom Increases Enforcement of Coronavirus Restrictions After Tens of Thousands Flock to SoCal Beaches Amid Heatwave

Gavin Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom said on Monday that he will be increasing enforcement of Coronavirus restrictions after tens of thousands of people flocked to Orange County beaches amid a heatwave over the weekend.

Thousands of people hung out at Newport Beach and Huntington Beach to escape the heat over the weekend and now Newsom is retaliating and threatening to keep the state closed much longer.

The beach crowds put California’s progress at ‘slowing the spread of COVID-19’ at risk and could delay loosening of restrictions Newsom said on Monday.

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency because of the Coronavirus on March 4 and issued an authoritarian lockdown order on March 19.

The state was supposed to be slowly loosening restrictions on May 3rd, but Newsom is now threatening to extend his government mandated house arrest.

“I don’t want to be punitive,” Newsom said. “They just want to take a rest on the beach and all of a sudden they get a citation – I don’t want to see that. But if there are people thumbing their nose and taking a risk… I think we may have to do a little bit more.”

Got that, peasants? Don’t thumb your nose at your overlords or else you will be given a citation and put on house arrest much longer as punishment.

Thousands of people at the beach in Newport on Friday

Results of antibody survey last week in Los Angeles suggested that the death rate from the virus could be as low as 0.18% of COVID-19 patients.

But it doesn’t matter because this isn’t about a virus. It’s all about control and the Democrat officials are only becoming more crazed as time goes on.

Where is Attorney General Bill Barr??

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