OPEN THE ECONOMY! US Prison Study Finds 3,300 Inmates Positive for COVID-19 – 96% Have No Symptoms — 99.2% of Minnesota Deaths Due to Underlying Conditions

A new US study of the state prisons system found 3,300 inmates had tested positive for the coronavirus in four states.

But only 4% of those infected with the virus showed any symptoms.

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Reuters reported:

Four states have conducted widespread Covid testing of inmates in their state prison systems.  These tests showed (i) most prisoners have already been infected with the virus and (ii) most importantly, more than 95% of those who were infected showed no symptoms.  These results are even more remarkable because there are many inmates with underlying health issues and because males are dying from Covid at higher rates than females (60% of fatalities are male).  These studies further support the proposition that the virus is not dangerous for most people.

These studies further support the proposition that the virus is not dangerous for most people.

The numbers from the study are the latest evidence to suggest that the Wuhan coronavirus is much less dangerous than has been reported.

It also shows that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx spread garbage models to pressure the Trump administration to shut down the record US economy.

30 million Americans are out of work as a result of their errors.  It’s time those two doctors are publicly shamed and dismissed.

An Israeli study backs up the US prisons system study —   They found the minority of people infected with the coronavirus developed symptoms, 80% of the cases were mild and they got better without treatment.  Of the remaining 20%, one third had severe cases.  Here’s an article with a good summary of what happens in the small number of severe cases.

And Power Line reported on the Minnesota cases.

We previously reported that 71% of Minnesota coronavirus deaths were at nursing homes.

Power Line reported —   To illustrate how concentrated the serious cases are, here’s the latest update from Minnesota.  As you’ll see, during the daily Covid news conference yesterday, the Minnesota Department of Health disclosed that 99.24% of people who died in Minnesota from Covid either died in nursing homes or otherwise had significant underlying conditions.  As Scott Johnson pointed out, public health officials “had the 99.24 percent number ready at hand, but have somehow kept it close to their vest until quizzed on it yesterday by [a reporter].”


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