Mississippi Police Fine Christians $500 For Listening to Sermons While Parked in Their Cars (VIDEO)

Police officers in Greenville, Mississippi fined Christians $500 this week for attending a drive-in church service in a parking lot.

The Christians were parked in their cars with the windows rolled up, but the police fined them for violating the state’s ‘stay-at-home’ order.

“The police in Greenville, MS went to Temple Baptist Church this evening and gave everyone there a ticket for $500 because they had a drive in service,” Charles Hamilton Jr., pastor of King James Bible Baptist Church posted to Facebook earlier this week. “Everyone was in their cars with the windows up listening to pastor Arthur Scott preached on the radio. What is harmful about people being in their cars listening to preaching with their windows up? Christians do you all see what is going on?”

Chris Owens, a Temple Baptist Church goer who attended the drive-in service took video of a cop giving him a ticket for sitting in his car with the windows rolled up.

Mr. Owens told the cop his church was still complying with the social distancing orders by having attendees sit in their cars, but he gave him a citation anyway.


Temple Baptists Church Pastor Arthur Scott told Todd Starnes that one of the police officers said the mayor wanted to make an example out of his church.

“I told them to get some more tickets ready because we will be preaching Sunday morning and Sunday night,” Pastor Scott said.

“The police officer said I might go to jail,” Scott added. “If it means going to jail and if it takes that for me to keep preaching, I’ll be glad to go to jail.”

There were a total of 25 cars in the church parking lot and everyone received a citation from the police officer.

Temple Baptist Church is fighting back against this tyranny.

Temple Baptist Church is suing Greenville, Mississippi’s city government and mayor for busting up its “drive-in” church service. – reported the Washington Times.

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