Mike Pompeo: Maduro´s regime and Iran support

EEUU sanctioned Iranian airline for its alleged involvement in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke out this week about Mahan Air. 

The airline makes frequent trips to Venezuela and gives support to the Socialist Maduro regime.

This past week several some planes from Iran landed at the Josefa Camejo airport in Falcón state in Venezuela.   Pompeo  warned the regime that the country’s airports must prohibit landings from the Iranians or face penalties.

Meanwhile, Maduro appointed new board to the state-owned oil company, the PDVSA. Official Tareck El Aissami is preparing to execute a plan to restructure the weakened oil industry.

The Trump White House imposed sanctions against El Aissami in 2017.   
In addition, he is included in the list of the 15 Venezuelans, accused of drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorism.

Sanctions and plans

According to LaPatilla the severe shortage of gasoline is due to the corruption of the Socialist government. The dictator intends to revitalize PDVSA with a greater participation of the private sector in most of its assets.

However, given the proliferation of economic sanctions, foreign investors such as the Russian state-owned ROSNEFT have decided to end their business in Venezuela. Similarly, large American firms like CHEVRON,  HALLIBURTON, etc. are winding down business activities.

Pompeo announced that the US is making plans to reopen the embassy in Caracas. But, he assured the people that this will not happen until conditions are safe.

The objective is to have everything ready so that, when democracy returns to Venezuela, the people know that the Americans are physically with them. In addition, the Secretary of State added that raising the American flag over the embassy in Caracas will be a great symbol.

It is necessary and urgent for the installation of an emergency government led by President Guaidó. Until then, the population continues suffers while the dictator clings to power.


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