Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti Closes Beaches to ‘Slow the Spread of COVID-19’ – Then Instructs People to Flock to Indoor Cooling Centers Amid Heatwave

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti; photo: Twitter avatar

Government officials are drunk on power and using the Coronavirus as a vehicle to usher in their Marxist utopia.

Last month Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti forcefully shut down business by cutting off their water and electricity.

Garcetti also closed the beaches in LA to ‘slow the spread of COVID-19’ but the heatwave sitting over Southern California is putting people without air conditioning in danger.

Temperatures in Southern California soared into the upper 90’s on Friday and the heatwave continued Saturday sending thousands of people to the beaches in Orange County for relief.

But the beaches in Los Angeles are closed, so Mayor Garcetti told everyone to flock to indoor cooling centers.

Instead of allowing people to go outside in the sunshine and heat, he’s telling thousands of people to funnel indoors to cooling centers during a pandemic. Makes sense.

The Gateway Pundit reported back on March 21st that based on the data at that time the Coronavirus had reacted negatively to heat.

This indicates the virus would behave like strains of the flu and die out in the summer months.

This is not about a virus. It is all about control.

Californians lashed out at Garcetti.

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