Laura Loomer Calls For Congressional Pay Freeze As Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Help Small Businesses and American Workers

The campaign of journalist turned congressional candidate Laura Loomer is calling for a “freeze” on Nancy Pelosi’s congressional salary and to put the pay of dopey bartender AOC and Iranian regime sympathizer Ilhan Omar “on ICE”.

In an email to supporters, Loomer makes a great point about paydays for members of congress. Their paychecks continue to flow, despite their inability to meet and legislate amid Coronavirus, while tens of millions of Americans are laid off or facing delayed pay due to the historic economic gains of the Trump administration being crippled by the media fueled lockdown.

In between doing rounds on television shows, Nancy Pelosi is lounging in her California mansion, tweeting from her phone to keep American businesses closed.

Democrats in Congress have DONE NOTHING to support the Trump Administration through all of this. Their focus – as always – has been taking shots at the President while sitting on their ass.

It wasn’t but a week ago that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave a cringey video performance in front of a high-end refrigerator stocked full of gourmet ice cream. Speaking exclusively to TGP, Laura Loomer lambasted Pelosi’s privilege and opulent lifestyle as Americans suffer.

Pelosi Continues to Take a Paycheck As She Denies Funding to US Small Businesses During Crisis — WILL NOT MEET UNTIL WEDNESDAY!

As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, 22 million + Americans are now unemployed, and while Americans are struggling to pay their rent and feed their families, Congress can’t seem to get their act together. It’s time for Nancy Pelosi’s paycheck to be frozen like her luxury freezer full of gourmet ice cream.

Loomer has out-raised her Democrat opponent for the third straight quarter in a row.

Conservative Activist Laura Loomer Outraises Democrat Incumbent For Third Straight Quarter In Hot Congressional Race

Laura Loomer added, “AOC and her “Squad” along with Pelosi and her establishment Democrats will fight tooth-and-nail to keep me from getting sworn into Congress next year.  As an investigative journalist, I’ve embarrassed ALL of them on video – even exposing Ilhan Omar for marrying her own brother and putting illegal aliens on Nancy Pelosi’s lawn.”



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