LAUGHABLE: Joe Biden Campaign Trying To Paint Trump As Soft On China

President Trump has been talking about the threat posed to America by China for years.

He campaigned on it in 2016, and has been responsible for the toughest trade rules on China in living memory.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden said China posed no threat to the United States repeatedly over the last year.

And now the Biden campaign thinks people are going to believe them when they claim Trump is soft on China? What a joke.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Biden fighting back furiously against Trump effort to portray him as a China patsy

Joe Biden’s campaign is attempting to use President Trump’s conciliatory rhetoric toward Chinese President Xi Jinping, which has puzzled China hawks aligned with the president, to undermine his tough-guy image on Beijing while suggesting the former vice president is no pushover on the issue.

Trump’s campaign is seeking to portray the presumptive Democratic nominee as soft on China amid a global pandemic that originated in Wuhan. Republicans believe China is one of Biden’s biggest vulnerabilities, based on polling data they have reviewed, and plan to make it a major issue this fall, according to multiple sources close to the Trump campaign.

The Biden campaign is sensing an opportunity to at least neutralize the China issue to maintain its current polling lead nationally and in the battleground states. A recent Harris poll found Democrats split 38%-38% on whether Trump was tough enough with China or should get tougher. Only 23% wanted the president to soften his stance.

On Monday, the Biden campaign circulated a Politico article from last week compiling 15 times Trump “praised China” during the coronavirus outbreak. In an accompanying statement, it accused Trump of “wasting precious months praising the Chinese government’s response to the virus instead of taking steps to prepare America.”

Here’s Biden on China less than a year ago:

Here’s another example:

Democrats think no one remembers anything.

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