Should Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx be Criminally Charged? They Know the COVID-19 Victims are Elderly Seniors and Diabetics and Chose to Scare US Public Instead

Tens of millions of American workers will lose their jobs because of inept government officials and their bogus models.

For weeks now we have known that the victims of the coronavirus are elderly seniors with an AVERAGE age around 80, diabetics and the morbidly obese.

The doctors at the daily coronvirus press briefings know this disease affects elderly seniors and those with underlying health problems.
Why do they not stress this fact?

Doctors KNOW coronavirus affects only obese, sickly or diabetic Americans.

HUGE! Infectious Disease Expert Says His Clinic Has Not Seen ANYONE UNDER 70 Who was not Obese or Pre-Diabetic Get Seriously Ill with COVID-19 (VIDEO)

Less than 1% of coronavirus deaths are those Americans with NO underlying conditions.

In Italy 99% of the coronavirus victims were 60-years-old and older!

In Massachusetts where they release daily coronavirus numbers – only 2 of 96 coronavirus victims were under 60!
The average age of COVID-19 victim was over 76-years-old!

These facts are public knowledge.

But this is not what is reported to the American public.
If the American pubic knew that more 100-year-olds are dying than those under age 50 would they choose to shut down the economy?

Would the American public shut down the economy if they know that those under 30 are not dying from the disease except in very rare circumstances?

The American public is not being told the truth.

This is horrible injustice to those who will lose their income and security.

Will anyone be held accountable?

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