Boston Suburb Threatens $100 Fines to Anyone Walking in Wrong Direction Amid Coronavirus Panic

Police in Beverly, Massachusetts set up a one-way sidewalk so residents can practice ‘social distancing’ and threatened to fine anyone walking in the wrong direction.

Residents in the Boston suburb are mandated to all walk in one direction like sheep amid the Coronavirus panic so they don’t accidentally brush up against one another.

The Daily Mail reported:

Police in Beverly, in the north of the city, have mandated that locals who are walking in opposite directions along bustling Lothrop Street must now use separate sidewalks so that they are not brushing up against one another.

Pedestrians must now walk against traffic and failure to comply with the new directive could result in a $100 fine.

It comes as the state of Massachusetts struggles to slow the spread of COVID-19, with at least 16,790 confirmed cases. Beverly is located in Essex County, which has at least 2,100 cases.

Posters notified residents of the order.

Similarly, a public park in Southern California voluntarily asked everyone to temporarily walk clockwise around a lake.

“The city has implemented a temporary one-way “clockwise” direction on the Lake Loop Trail. We appreciated everyone’s voluntary compliance as we work together to keep our community safe and healthy.”

The authorities have not only stripped citizens of their Constitutional rights, they literally have people walking in one direction like a herd of sheep.

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