American Naval Force Deployed to the Caribbean – Socialist Tyrant Maduro Kidnaps Five Opposition Members

On Wednesday President Trump made a surprise announcement with US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper that the United States on the criminal drug cartels.

President Trump said, “We are not going to allow drug cartels to take advantage of the pandemic to threaten the lives of Americans.”

And the United States government mobilized the naval force towards the Caribbean.

Destroyer ships, combat ships, planes and helicopters were dispatched to carry out “surveillance” tasks near Venezuela.  “The EE.UU (Spanish for the United States) is launching an enhanced anti-drug operation in the Western Hemisphere to protect Americans from the deadly scourge of illegal narcotics.”

As published at the US Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper added this during the presser, “The illegitimate regime of Maduro in Venezuela trusts in the benefits that come from the sale of drugs to maintain its oppressive power.”

And the Venezuelan people continue suffer greatly under Maduro’s criminal control over the country while the regime prospers.

The news website Presidencia VE posted the position of the interim government after the announcement of the US.

The President in charge Juan Guaidó had this to say, “We all know this is serious. An emergency national government is urgently needed to prevent usurper drug trafficking from continuing to commit excesses. We can save Venezuela.”

Meanwhile, the dictator’s chancellor Jorge Arreaza M published a statement repudiating the accusations proffered by the Trump security team.

He welcomed the fact that the United States is finally taking action to control its vulnerable drug borders. To detach himself, he immediately blamed Colombia, an ally of the US!

In the last 72 hours, the Maduro dictatorship kidnapped five members of the Juan Guaidó team. In this regard, Ambassador Carlos Vecchio expressed, “This is how Maduro attends to the pandemic. By hard and pure repression!”

Vecchio, the ambassador to the US, condemned Maduro to focus his dictatorship’s efforts on repressing the people and the kidnapping of Venezuelans instead of addressing the humanitarian crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Elda Primera is a Venezuelan journalist in exile. She is a journalist covering the Venezuelan crisis. She was a television and radio reporter for 19 years in Venezuela before fleeing the country late last year. Currently, Elda continues to write about the Venezuelan conflict.  Elda is an expert on the dangers of socialism.  She is committed to freedom of expression and the restitution of democracy for a better world.

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