“NAFTA Killed Our Jobs!” – Protesters Disrupt Joe Biden’s Low Energy Rally in Detroit at High School Gym (VIDEO)

Sleepy Joe Biden held a ‘rally’ with Kamala Harris and Cory Booker on Monday night at a high school gymnasium in Detroit, Michigan.

As always the rally was low energy with barely anyone in attendance.

Biden was flanked by two big name Senators who just endorsed him and he still couldn’t fill a high school gym.

A protester disrupted Biden on Monday night with a sign that said, “NAFTA killed our jobs.”

Biden voted for NAFTA in 1994.

Biden got triggered, “Are you with Donald Trump?”

“It’s not a Trump rally! Let him go! Let him go! The Bernie Bros are here!” Biden yelled.

Chanting interrupted Biden for over 2 minutes.

Notice when the camera pans out at the 1:55 mark there’s barely anyone at the rally. Pathetic.


More footage of Joe Biden’s rally with barely anyone in attendance:

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