‘Oops Wrong Gulfstream’ – Commie Bernie Sanders Roasted For Boarding Wrong Private Jet

Don’t you hate it when this happens?

Bernie Sanders boarded the wrong private jet on Saturday.

Commie Bernie flies around on a private Gulfstream while railing against billionaires and lecturing peasants to give up cars, incandescent light bulbs and flying on planes in order to save the planet.

TMZ reported:

The Democratic front-runner was spotted Saturday making his way off of a private Gulfstream between campaign stops in South Carolina and Massachusetts — the latter being where he held a rally at Boston Common ahead of Super Tuesday.

Some have criticized Sanders for flying private at all — seeing how he rails against billionaires and elites. In fact, earlier this month … he was spotted boarding a private aircraft while Liz Warren got on her own jet as they both flew back to D.C. from different locations just 36 minutes apart. The implication … they coulda flown together, spared the air, etc.

A Twitter user alleged Bernie had three different Gulfstreams at his disposal.

Must be nice.


Bernie got roasted by Twitter users.


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