Newsom: California Considering Martial Law After 12 Coronavirus Deaths Confirmed in the State

The government overreach is becoming much more dangerous than the Coronavirus.

Governor Gavin Newsom said during a press conference on Tuesday that California is considering martial law after 12 Coronavirus deaths were confirmed in the state.

There are currently around 500 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in California and the death toll hit 12 so the Communist governor is now floating the possibility of full military authority replacing existing laws.

Fox reported: (emphasis our own)

It’s all part of a rapidly escalating reaction that saw three more Northern California counties on Tuesday follow the example of those in the San Francisco Bay Area that told residents to stay at home and go outside only for food, medicine and other essential needs.

At a news conference, Newsom did not announce a similar requirement statewide, but previously told bars, restaurants, movie theaters, fitness centers and other gathering places to shut their doors as the death toll crept to 12 and the number of confirmed cases neared 500. All people 65 and older and those with underlying health conditions have been encouraged to stay indoors.

In readying the National Guard for action, Newsom’s office emphasized that it’s for duties routinely performed during natural disasters and other emergencies. But Newsom grimly added that “we have the ability to do martial law … if we feel the necessity.”

Imposing martial law would take the extraordinary step of replacing the usual laws with military authority, with the possible suspension of civil liberties like freedom of association and movement.

Orange County on Tuesday announced severe restrictions on residents in order to ‘minimize the Coronavirus outbreak.’

The chief health officer in Orange County announced a ban on in-restaurant dining, ordered bar closures and threatened to jail people who dared walk outdoors with people who do not live in their household.

People who do not live in the same household must stay 6 feet away from each other, according to the order.

6 counties in the Bay Area are on near total lockdown.

San Francisco area residents can only leave their homes to go to the grocery store, to seek medical aide or help a family or friend in need.

To add to the insanity, homeless people are exempt from the orders and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is now releasing inmates in response to the Coronavirus panic.

How much more government overreach are Americans going to take?

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