Evil Leftists Create PAC to Pay the Person Who Infects President Trump with Coronavirus “Ten Stacks”

A new PAC was formed this week in Chicago, Illinois to pay the first person who infects President Trump with coronavirus.

The group’s FEC filing includes the purpose of the newly formed group: “CORONAVIRUS PLEASE KILL DONALD TRUMP!!!!”

The founder and treasurer are listed in the filing(?)
That was not the brightest move.

The Treasurer listed on the form has the title of “Trump Killer.”

This is the modern day left: wicked, deadly, violent and out of ideas.

Law and Crime reported:

A political action committee (PAC) was created on Thursday with the express purpose of infecting President Donald Trump with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The group is named “10 Stacks to the person who infects Donald douchebag Trump with Coronavirus/Covid-19,” and the official paperwork was filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) establishing the organization as an entity legally entitled to raise and spend money in federal elections.

The group’s form text file elaborates on what it apparently hopes to achieve: “CORONAVIRUS PLEASE KILL DONALD TRUMP!!!!” This is likely the kind of thing that will get the FBI or some other law enforcement knocking on your door.

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