“We Need to Put a Cape on His Back, an ‘S’ on His Chest, and Call Him Superman” – Ordinary Americans React to President Trump’s SOTU Address (VIDEO)

Americans cheered President Trump’s historic State of the Union Address tonight.

Undoubtedly, this was the best address in modern history!

No President in decades has had the success like this great president.

And, although the leftie Democrat media panned the speech, ordinary Americans cheered this President’s success.

FOX News host Pete Hegseth was in Carthage, North Carolina, on Wednesday morning talking to voters. Pete was asking for their reaction to President Trump’s SOTU Address. One woman said it best “We need to put a cape on his back, an “S” on his chest, and call him Superman. No mortal man could take what he has took in the last three years and do what he has done.”


Via FOX and Friends:

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