“There Must be JUSTICE”: President Trump Morning Tweet Storm About AG Barr and DOJ Asserts Presidential Authority

President Trump went on a tweet storm Wednesday morning, firing off a comment and over a dozen retweets within an hour, mostly retweets of Congressional allies and conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. The tweet storm follows the leaks Tuesday night to the media that Barr was considering resigning over Trump’s tweets, which he had complained about in a recent interview. A Barr spokeswoman said late Tuesday night Barr was “has no plans to resign”.

The retweets were generally supportive of Barr, with some urging stronger actions by him, but some also asserted Trump’s role of ultimate boss of the Justice Department as the President.

Trump is apparently showing that his tweets must be answered by Barr with action, not complaints and leaks to the media.

Even as Barr has complained about Trump’s tweets hurting his ability to oversee the Justice Department, both he and Trump have been under heavy assault by the Deep State this week: An emergency meeting of Federal judges is planned for Wednesday afternoon about Trump’s comments and Barr’s intervention in the Roger Stone case sentencing and a letter now signed by over 2000 former DOJ attorneys and staffers calling in Barr to resign.

Trump traveled to the West Coast Tuesday for a four day, four state trip of campaign and official events.

Trump’s first tweet proclaimed, “There must be JUSTICE. This can never happen to a President, or our Country, again!” He followed with over a dozen retweets, several of which asserted Trump’s authority over the Justice Department with one citing previous presidents in recent history who intervened in cases and gave orders to the DOJ.

Significantly, Trump retweeted Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton who called on Barr to clean house and suggested Trump appoint a special counsel, “Barr should clean house at DOJ…@realDonalldTrump (sic),was the victim of a seditious conspiracy out of DOJ/FBI, etc. President Trump can also appoint a special counsel directly.”

Trump kicked off the tweet storm keying off Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) who tweeted, “There are high expectations that the Justice Dept will very soon deliver transparency & ACCOUNTABILITY regarding DOJ/FBI officials who weaponized the awesome powers at their disposal in order to target the Trump campaign. Frustrated Americans demand justice! ⚖️ It’s LONG overdue!”

Trump said in response, “There must be JUSTICE. This can never happen to a President, or our Country, again!”

Trump followed by retweeting two Zeldin posts from a Monday, including one that defended Barr, “Angry is a big time understatement. Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler should be stripped of their gavels and the Dems should be removed from power in Nov for their corrupt, rigged, rushed impeachment, hijacking Congress to appease a radical activist liberal base. Angry? Buckle up!”

Next Trump retweeted two Monday tweets by Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) defending Trump from a bogus attack article by the Washington Post, “A brazen attempt at gaslighting from the media here. We have a long documented trail and an IG report showing high level DOJ/FBI elements were used illicitly to target Trump. Point blank. And it’s TRUMP who’s trying to “rewrite history” ?? You have to be kidding…The FBI lied to the FISA Court 17 times, using knowingly false info in FISA applications, concealed exonerating evidence from judges, and even altered documents. Trump doesn’t need to rewrite history. It’s all right there—for any objective person to see. #GiveMeABreak”

And a retweet of Zeldin from Sunday:

Trump then retweeted a several tweets by Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, including brief video clips of Fitton on Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs and a longer segment on the Fox News Channel

“Meanwhile, Obama gang interfered in Russia election interference investigation to protect Obama’s emails while crookedly spying on @realdonaldtrump. Again the Clinton email scandal cover-up is as much about protecting Obama as it is about protecting Clinton.”

Breaking: @realDonaldTrump is the President. Reagan ordered halt of a criminal grand jury investigation against British Airways in 1984. George HW Bush ordered to DOJ to investigate police in wake of Rodney King rioting. Obama directed DOJ action after Eric Garner acquittal.”

Disclosure: This writer worked at Judicial Watch from 1999-2004.

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