President Guaidó ends United States Tour with Trump’s Support

Also Guaidó met with the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, in the Congress on Friday. Guaidó is battling socialists at home. Pelosi thanked him for joining her to discuss the plight of the people of Venezuela. Pelosi said “We stand with you and support your calls for free and fair elections.”
Subsequently, he went to the OEA  headquarters where he could meet with Secretary General Luis Almagro. The president in charge appreciated the firm determination he has in the Venezuelan cause. They also had possible political solutions to the crisis in Venezuela.
Finally, his agenda ended with a meeting with USAID Administrator Mark Green, who does extraordinary humanitarian work for refugees. In the encounter Green said the US stands in solidarity with the interim government and supports a free Venezuela and democracy.
President Guaidó completed his agenda in the United States successfully. He takes to Venezuela a message of support from leaders and countries committed to democracy and freedom.
In front of the the Venezuelan diaspora, at the headquarters of the OEA, Guaidó said “We are not alone, we must all push in the same direction. The regime is based on terrorist groups and we need help to save our country.”
It was a very successful trip for Juan Guaidó in the United States.


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