Trump Atty. Philbin RIPS Evil Dems, Cites Federalist No. 65 in Closing Argument: ‘The Demon of Faction Will, at Times, Extend His Sceptre Over Bodies of Men’ (VIDEO)

Patrick Philbin

President Trump’s deputy counsel Patrick Philbin on Monday delivered his closing arguments ahead of the final senate vote.

“This was a purely partisan impeachment from the start,” Philbin argued.

Philbin then cited Federalist No. 65 to bring his point home.

Mr. Philbin previously used passages from Federalist No. 65 in his arguments, but he took it to another level on Monday.

“[Hamilton] warns that an impeachment in the House could be the result of the persecution of an intemperate or designing majority in the House of Representatives — then he goes on…” Philbin said.

“Though this latter supposition may seem harsh, and might not be likely often to be verified, yet it ought not to be forgotten that the demon of faction will, at certain seasons, extend his sceptre over all numerous bodies of men,” he said.

“Now that’s very 18th century language. We don’t talk about demons extending their sceptre over men, but it’s prescient nonetheless. We might not be comfortable with the terms but it’s accurate for what can happen,” he added.


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