Judge Amy Berman Jackson Enters Letters in Roger Stone Sentencing Case File That Praise Judge, Attack Trump and Barr; One Letter Bragged of Burning US Flag When Trump Elected

Judge Amy Berman Jackson has entered letters in the sentencing case file for Roger Stone by seemingly random Trump-haters who write in praise of the judge while also spinning Trump-Barr conspiracy theories likely picked up by non-stop watching of MSNBC. One letter writer bragged they burned an American flag given to them by a veteran when Trump was elected.

Stone’s sentencing is set for Thursday, however its enactment will be delayed while a motion by Stone for a new trial is considered by Jackson.

One purported letter writer, Phillip S. Norton, 70, of Massachusetts, says he was motivated to write by reports that Attorney General William Barr intervened in the Stone case after President Trump tweeted against the proposed sentence. Norton concludes his letter by telling Jackson that while Trump will likely pardon Stone, it is important that she use her role in the sentencing to set a “marker”.

A copy of the letter was posted to Twitter by the lawyer known as Techno Fog, with this comment, “Judge Amy Berman Jackson is now granting leave to file hysterical letters in support of sentencing Roger Stone. Letters that attack AG Barr w/ conspiracy theories. Calling the US an “autocracy” and “banana republic” with “Putin laughing all the way” Shameful.”

Judge Jackson last week ordered another Trump-Stone hating letter be entered into the record. In this letter the author bragged of burning the American flag when Trump was elected:

And this Trump hating fanboy letter to the Judge was also entered into the record Wednesday. This letter urges the judge to delay sentencing Stone until after January 20, 2021 by investigating Barr’s intervention in the sentencing in order to prevent a Trump pardon of Stone:

The alleged victim of Stone, Randy Credico, wrote to Judge Jackson last month asking he not be sentenced to prison.

And another letter asking for leniency.

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