WOW! After 48 Hours Iowa Democrats FINALLY ADMIT Crazy Bernie Won Most Votes — But Somehow Lost to Buttigieg… WTH Iowa?

UPDATE — Iowa Democrats FINALLY updated their caucus totals — 48 hours after the caucuses!
And guess what?

But Mayor Pete walked away with the win!
WOW! These people are something else!

Here is our earlier report…….

Iowa Democrat Caucus Chairmen accused the State Democrat Party leaders of fudging their county results.

Black Hawk County Chairman James Payne accused the Iowa Democrat Party leaders of misreporting his county’s results.

There are calls to double-check the state party’s results.

It looks like the leadership of the DNC will do ANYTHING to stop Bernie!

It’s been 48 hours since the Iowa caucuses and there are still no results in the Democrat primary!

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