HYPOCRISY ALERT: Tickets To Democrat Debate In South Carolina Going To Sponsors For BIG BUCKS

Democrats claim to be the party of the middle class and the little guy, but in case you haven’t noticed, that’s simply not true.

Their next debate is in Charleston, South Carolina and if you want to attend, it’s going to cost you a lot of cash.

Tickets are going to sponsors. The cost? Thousands of dollars.

WCSC News reports:

Want a guaranteed seat at the Democratic debate in Charleston? It’ll cost a lot of cash.

Voters hoping to attend the Democratic presidential debate in Charleston this month will be hard-pressed to find guaranteed tickets unless they pay thousands of dollars as a sponsor.

The last presidential debate before the South Carolina Democratic primary will be on Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. at the Gaillard Center.

Voters Emily Kiley and Peter Davis have been volunteering and supporting Bernie Sanders’s campaign for months.

“We watch every debate that goes on so now that one’s coming to Charleston that’s insanely exciting,” Kiley said. “Of course the first thing we do is look for tickets.”

The couple has signed up to be a part of more than 800 volunteers to help set up or work the debate.

“But there’s no access to tickets on any Democratic site that we could see,” Kiley said.

That’s because tickets aren’t readily available. The Charleston County Democratic Party website says “The only guaranteed way to get a ticket is to become a sponsor of the debate.”

Sponsorship ranges from $1,750 to $3,200 each for attendance to multiple “First in the South” events.

Sounds like you need to be -gasp- rich to attend a Democrat debate, doesn’t it?

Shouldn’t the tickets to this event be free?

You know, like healthcare. college tuition, and all the other things Democrats want to give away at taxpayer expense?

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