Gohmert: Vindman More Loyal to Ukraine; Should Face Court Martial #LtColVindmanDay

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said on Monday that Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman came off as more loyal to Ukraine than his oath to the United States and that he should face an Article 15 or court martial for his conduct. Gohmert made the comments in an interview on the WMAL-AM/FM Mornings On The Mall show with hosts Mary Walter and Vince Coglianese broadcast in the Nation’s Capital.

Liberals have declared Monday Lt. Col. Vindman Day and started a hashtag, #LtColVindmanDay, to support him. Until Friday Vindman, a refugee from Ukraine, had helmed the Ukraine desk at the National Security Council in the White House.

The interview with Gohmert covered several subjects: The shoutout from President Trump during his post-impeachment trial acquittal speech at the White House last week and an Oval Office meeting with Trump and Brexit leader Nigel Farage; Gohmert’s views on Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) who voted on one article to convict Trump (“Quit Mitt”); the Senate deliberations (no arm twisting); the conduct of the House in impeaching Trump and why FBI Director Christopher Wray “needs to go” for failing to prosecute FBI wrongdoers involved in the Russia hoax coup.

When asked about the dismissal from the National Security Council last Friday of the twin Lt. Col. brothers Alexander and Yevgeny Vindman, Gohmert called for Alexander to face a military inquiry over his conduct.

Transcribed by TGP:

“I think that when you have people working for you that are not actually helping but they’re hindering including, uh, a guy like Vindman for heaven’s sake. You know his ego outshines everything else about him. When, I mean I was in the Army, I’ve known thousands of lieutenant colonels but haven’t gotten a, “It’s Lieutenant Colonel“. Excuse me? You wear a suit most of the days, why are you, why don’t you wear your suit, your military uniform every day?

“But from his testimony it was very clear to me that he was much more allegiant to the Ura.., to Ukraine, uh, than he was to his own commander-in-chief and his own oath to this nation. And so, uh, you know he should have gotten an Article 15 if not court martial, uh, and he should have gotten, uh, an Article 15 or court martial for, uh, ripping the United States to uh, the enemy back in Moscow. He was, uh, censured, but not enough.

“This guy, I gotta tell you when it came out that the president of Ukraine had offered him the job of defense minister three times I was not at all surprised. He clearly was more allegiant to Ukraine and their president than to his own commander-in-chief. That guy needed to go.

“And you could tell what really upset him was he put the talking points together, he knew more about foreign policy, how dare the President of the United States not stick to his talking points. I mean you could tell it really, he tried to say the right things but you could tell that really irked him. This guy needed to go, he had no business being part of the NSC.

“And while we’re trying to find who was leaking stuff, uh, from the NSC general counsel office where Vindman’s brother was, uh, Vindman’s brother had no business being there either.

“These, these are people that have gotta go. Glad the president waited (until after the impeachment trial). But, uh, I’m, I would encourage him to keep this up. It’s not a good start, but it is a start. Uh, not good, uh, the only reason I would say that it’s not a good start is there’s too many of these kind of clowns that need to go. They couldn’t find their rear end with both hands, they need to be out of the White House.”

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