Democrat Superdelegates Warn They’ll Block Bernie Sanders Nomination At Convention

The Democrat establishment is signalling that they will stop Bernie Sanders from getting the Democrat nomination.

Superdelegates for the party are going so far to say that they’ll use their power to block him.

The Independent reports:

DNC superdelegates warn they will block Bernie Sanders at convention and spark civil war within party

Senator Bernie Sanders’ issues with the Democratic establishment may continue past the nominating races and into the Democratic National Convention, according to a new report.

If Mr Sanders arrives at the convention with any less than a majority of delegates pledged to him, he may find himself with a wave of superdelegates voting against his nomination.

The New York Times reported Thursday that in interviews with 93 superdelegates, only nine said that Mr Sanders arriving at the convention with a plurality was reason enough to support him as nominee.

In the event that Mr Sanders does only win a plurality of pledged delegates, there could be a brokered convention and subsequent fight to choose a nominee.

The Times report was “based on interviews with the 93 superdelegates, out of 771 total, as well as party strategists and aides to senior Democrats about the thinking of party leaders.”

The Bernie people will go absolutely NUTS if this happens.

Democrats would have a civil war in their party, at their convention.

This could actually happen.

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