Barbra Streisand: Adam Schiff Would Make a Great President

Hollywood and music icon–and Democrat Party fundraiser–Barbra Streisand showered praise on Lead House Manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) Friday for his “sincerity” in the impeachment trial of President Trump. Streisand was so impressed she imagines Schiff in the Oval Office, saying that he “would make a great president.”

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Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) looks on helplessly as fellow impeachment manager Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) steals the spotlight from him Thursday night at the Senate trial of President Trump.

“Adam Schiff is so impressive. His knowledge of the law… his passion… his articulateness. His sincerity! He speaks the truth and would make a great president.”

Streisand went after the Republican led Senate on Saturday, after they voted down new witnesses on Friday in the impeachment trial, on a near party line vote of 51-49, with just two Republicans siding with every Democrat in support of new witnesses. Streisand’s math is a bit off, but her outrage is clear, “51% of Republicans overrule 75% of Americans who wanted witnesses to appear at the trial. This is not how democracy should work. I hope the senate pays a price for this sham.”

Streisand has lent her name and talents many times over the years in support of the Democrats. In recent years Streisand performed in 2016 for a Hillary Clinton fundraiser and in 2018 put her name on a Democrat congressional campaign fundraising appeal.

At the 2016 fundraiser for Clinton, Streisand sang a parody of Send in the Clowns, the AP reported:

At an LGBT fundraiser for Hillary Clinton Friday, the singer performed a parody of the Stephen Sondheim song “Send in the Clowns” with lyrics about the Republican nominee.

“Is he that rich, maybe he’s poor, ’til he reveals his returns, who can be sure?” Streisand sang to an applauding crowd of about 1,000. “Something’s amiss, I don’t approve, if he were running the free world, where would we move?”

…Streisand included renditions of “People,” ″Pure Imagination” and “Happy Days Are Here Again.”

But her Trump parody clearly stood out. It continued: “And if by chance he gets to heaven, even up there, he’ll declare chapter 11. This sad, vulgar clown. You’re fired, you clown.”

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