Alex Jones Confronts Corrupt Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson In the Streets of DC

In one of Alex Jones’ best battle tank attacks, he stormed the swamp on Wednesday afternoon in the Infowars battle tank to call out Judge Amy Berman Jackson, the corrupt and dirty Obama appointed jurist who is presiding over the rigged show-trial of Trump adviser Roger Stone.

Jones highlighted the fact that she attempted to have him jailed, along with yours truly, during the initial jury selection process when both Jones and this Gateway Pundit reporter sounded the alarm about how Judge Jackson was allowing the jury pool to be infested with high-level Obama administration assets who were drooling over the idea of hanging Roger Stone.

Earlier this month, we published a report regarding this Gateway Pundit reporters run-ins with “Dirty Amy”, who cannot stand journalists and patriots exposing her Deep State kangaroo court. And just as recently as this Tuesday, Judge Jackson mentioned both Jones and this Gateway Pundit reporter in official court proceedings as reasons that jurors identities needed to be protected and hidden from the public.

Corrupt Stone Judge Amy Berman Jackson Wanted To Jail Conservative Journalist For Exposing Juror Bias

The idea that either of us or any sane person would target or impart harm on the jurors is utterly ridiculous, although it provides the crooked and corrupt ABJ a weaselly way to dance around the fact that she assembled a incredibly biased jury on orders of Robert Mueller’s partisan hit-squad.

Judge Jackson should consider herself lucky to still be allowed in the courtroom, though that might hopefully be coming to an end soon enough. Fox News host Tucker Carlson has relentlessly focused on the actions of the demonic judge, who he has argued should be impeached over her conduct over the course of Roger Stone’s case.

“She’s Corrupt! She’s Out of Control!” – Tucker Carlson Calls for Demon Judge Amy Berman Jackson to be Impeached (VIDEO)

Here’s to hoping that some brave patriot steps up and gets that effort moving. Until then, a healthy amount of bullhorning and ridiculing of ABJ will suffice.

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