“What the Hell was That? – Why Does the American Media Sound Like al-Jazeera?” – Jesse Watters Goes Off on US #FakeNews Media After Soleimani Killed (VIDEO)

Jesse Watters celebrated his wedding during the holidays and was back on Watters’ World on Saturday night.

Jesse opened his show with an impressive take-down of the liberal pro-Soleimani mainstream media and the liberal Democrats who are siding with the killer Iranian regime over their president.

This was brilliant.
At one point Jesse rolled clips of the liberal media mourning terrorist leader Soleimani from this week.

Jesse Watters responded to their disgusting display, “What the hell was that? This guy’s job was to kill Americans, nuke up and wipe Israel off the map. Why does the American media sound like al-Jazeera?

This was an excellent open to his popular Saturday night show.

Via Watters’ World:

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