Video of Joe Biden Saying ‘Our European Culture’ Is ‘Not Imported from Some African Nation or Some Asian Nation’ Causes Controversy

A video clip of leading Democrat presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden talking about “our European culture” not being “imported from some African nation or some Asian nation” at a New Hampshire campaign stop on Monday stirred up controversy when it was posted online Wednesday.

Democrats and liberals in the media claimed Biden was taken out of context and was not celebrating but criticizing America’s cultural heritage. The clip from an ABC News Facebook video was posted by an anonymous Twitter account.

Biden said, “Folks, this is about changing the culture. Our culture, our culture. It’s not imported from some African nation, or some Asian nation, it’s our English jurisprudential culture, our European culture that says it’s alright.” The video clip is clipped at the beginning and the end. Whether that is a fair edit or not is being debated.

The context of Biden’s comments was his efforts to mandate under Title IX that colleges and universities anonymously survey students on campus sexual assaults and publicly report the results–a policy Biden said has been rolled back by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

After talking about that, Biden burst into his brief emotional rant about culture. The rant appears to be a disjointed continuation of Biden earlier talking about English common law in the 1300s and the so-called ‘rule of thumb’ that allowed men to beat their wives with a rod no thicker than their thumb. Biden connected that 14th Century English edict to the United States of today, saying “we have a cultural problem, a cultural problem”.

Biden’s comments on the rule of thumb begin about 39 minutes in and his rant about culture around 48-50 minutes in the Facebook video:

Biden also spoke about his efforts as a senator to enact a federal law against violence against women but apparently his concerns did not extend to the U.S. Senate where he uncritically served for decades alongside notorious abusers of women Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) and voted to acquit Democrat President Bill Clinton in his 1999 impeachment trial when Clinton was accused of lying under oath and obstructing justice in an effort to fix a civil rights case in which he was accused of sexually abusing a female Arkansas state employee when he was governor.

A lot of clean up work took place Wednesday night, with many citing a several month’s old Guardian article to explain Biden’s remarks made two days ago:

CNN’s fact checker Daniel Dale came to Biden’s rescue:

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