Trump Jabs Pelosi, Notifies Congress by Tweet That Should Iran Attack ANY US Person or Target, the US Will Strike Back

President Trump put Congress on notice, by tweet, that should Iran attack any US person or target, the US will strike back.

Trump took a jab at Pelosi and added that the US will quickly and fully strike back and perhaps in a “disproportionate” manner.

President Trump also zinged Pelosi when he said that he does not need to notify Congress if he orders the US to strike back at Iran.

Trump’s use of the word “disproportionate” was in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement on the drone strike that killed Soleimani on Friday.

Pelosi said President Trump’s decision to kill Soleimani would further put Americans at risk by “engaging in provocative and disproportionate actions.”

As expected, the Democrats, with Pelosi leading the way have taken the side of Iran’s terrorist regime.

Pelosi lashed out at the President on Saturday after a formal notification of the drone strike was delivered to Capitol Hill.

The White House informed Congress of the drone strike that killed General Qassim Soleimani, a top commander of Iran’s al-Quds Force at Baghdad’s International Airport.

The White House delivered a formal, entirely classified notification to Congress on Saturday informing lawmakers of the airstrike that took out several Iranian military officials, fulfilling its duties under the War Powers Act, the NY Times and WaPo reported.

Pelosi was furious that the Trump admin classified the notification and accused Trump of deliberately keeping Congress and Americans in the dark.

President Trump is correct; he has the authority to strike back without permission from Congress.

Obama’s DHS chief Jeh Johnson said on Sunday on “Meet the Press”: “If you believe everything that our government is saying about General Soleimani, he was a lawful military objective, and the president, under his constitutional authority as commander in chief, had ample domestic legal authority to take him out without an additional congressional authorization. Whether he was a terrorist or a general in a military force that was engaged in armed attacks against our people, he was a lawful military objective.”

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