Ted Malloch: C’mon, Man!

Why is that Creepy Uncle Joe is so dependent on one single phrase in his speechifying?

He keeps using it over and over again… Like a broken record, he just

won’t /can’t stop.

He never gets away from it, like an anachronism that is stuck in his brain and on autopilot.

That telltale and very dated phrase is: “C’mon Man.” Here it is watch him:

According to the Urban Dictionary, “C’mon man is said when a player in a team makes a horrible play or bad mistake.”

The phrase had its first use way back in 1910 and has come to mean “come on” when it is spoken quickly (as when urging someone to do something or expressing surprise or scepticism).

Used in NFL football, the phrase has been employed since 2008 when sports casters started using it to designate the absolutely worst plays of the week.

Now Come-on Joe Biden tries to come off as your average guy. He wants voters to think he is not elitist or highbrow. He is one of us.

But c’mon, that is just not present-day, Rich Joe, who has a net worth of well over $15 million dollars after serving in the US Congress and as Vice President. He perfected pay to play schemes (with his infamous son, Hunter) in places as far afield as the Ukraine and China. He is on the take.

Americans aren’t buying C’mon Joe’s rhetoric any more. They see through him as a cellophane figure. He is not only blatantly dishonest, overly boring and damned defensive, he is so—yesterday.

Here are three examples of how C’mon Joe is now perceived by most Americans across the spectrum of opinion.

Since he did exactly what the Dems accuse President Trump of doing, namely leveraging a foreign leader for personal gain, Joe is better referred to as Quid Pro Joe.

Like some kind of pedophile, Biden continuously comes onto young children and strokes little girls in ways that are no longer acceptable (if ever they were). Can’t he just stop touching people?

More recently, body builder, Macho Joe, has threatened just about anyone who challenges him. He wants to take Trump out behind the school yard or punch out some opponents’ lights or even demand that an older gentleman in New Hampshire take him on in a contest of push-ups.

All this shows an aged person, way, way past his prime, who is increasingly insecure and knows he has lost it. He even pretended to be for the raid on the compound where Osama Bin Laden was hiding – a blatant lie contradicting Obama’s own version of events.

C’mon Man is frankly a national joke.

He makes more bad plays in a week than the entire NFL put together.

What can the Dems do about it?

They use kid gloves in their laughable and unwatched primary debates. They won’t hurt each other or criticize bad ideas. They waffle on going woke. They have more wannabe candidates than a horde and they seem willing to let some billionaire (or two) swoon in and buy their whole show.

It may be time to put C’mon Joe to rest and cut him some slack. He needs to go off to those proverbial “greener pastures” and be let off the hook.

Face it, he is not up for this deadly political game and he demonstrates that exasperation day by day, hour by hour. Some of us even feel sorry for him.

Give him a much-needed rest, folks.

C’mon Man!

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