Schweizer Reveals in New Book: Bernie Sanders Became Very Wealthy by Funneling Huge Sums of Taxpayer Money to Family Members

Peter Schweizer strikes again!

“Secret Empires” author Peter Schweizer wrote a new book titled, “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite,” and although one slimy lifelong politician — Joe Biden — emerged as the “king of sweetheart deals” Schweizer also revealed that Socialist crackpot Bernie Sanders (VT) funneled taxpayer money to his own family members.

Schweizer told Sean Hannity on Monday’s radio podcast that during the 2016 election, a mysterious media-buying company run by two of Bernie’s wife’s friends popped up in a suburb of Virginia and they funneled $83 million through the business.

Now we know how Bernie Sanders went from being the poorest Senator to owning beach front property after the 2016 presidential election.

Transcription via Breitbart:

“Bernie over the course of his 30-plus years in public office has final huge sums of money to his family. That includes hiring family members even when it was not justified in the Burlington city governments. But more specifically, the 2016 campaign, there was this mysterious media-buying company called Old Town Media that was set up.”

“They funneled $83 million through this media-buying company, which was located in a house on a cul-de-sac in suburban Virginia,” he continued. “Had no website, had no presence whatsoever. That company was run by two of Bernie Sanders’ wife’s friends. When she was asked about her connection or relationship to that firm, she hung up on a local Vermont reporter. So there are various ways taxpayer money, school money other things that have flowed to the family and have made the Sanders family very very wealthy.”

Schweizer also exposed the Biden crime family in his new book.

According to Schweizer, Hunter Biden wasn’t the only family member who made millions off of his political connections.

Five members of Joe Biden’s family enriched themselves because of Joe Biden’s lifelong ‘career’ in politics and Schweizer outlined his new book in a New York Post article shortly before its launch date.

If we had a real media, all of these corrupt politicians would have been exposed and prosecuted years ago for stealing taxpayer money.

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