UPDATE: (Fog of War, Only Two Bases Hit) Third U.S. Base in Iraq Hit by Second Wave of Iran Missile Attack

UPDATE: Reports that a third base was targeted turned out be incorrect. President Trump reported Tuesday night that only two bases were targeted.

Iran’s Tasmin News Agency reported that a second wave of missiles was launched against U.S. bases in Iraq.

“Instantaneous /// Second wave of rocket attacks begins #سپاه At the American headquarters in #عراق

NBC’s Cal Perry reported, “3 bases in Iraq housing US troops have been hit…A second wave of ballistic missiles has hit a third base in Iraq.”

Iran had reportedly threatened a second wave of missiles in case of retaliation by the U.S, “IRGC warning if there is retaliation for this rocket attack there will be a 2nd wave of attacks that will wipe out US bases in the region. #Soleimani #iran #war”

U.S. troops near Erbil in northern Iraq and at Al Assas air base in western Iraq were targeted in the first wave. NBC has not reported the name of the third base.

UPDATE: “URGENT: Military source tells me in addition to #AlAssad and #Erbil bases being rocked by Iranian ballistic missiles, #CampTaji has also been hit by about a half dozen as well. Camp Taji, known as Camp Cooke,is used by coalition forces and is located North or Baghdad.”

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