O’Keefe: Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Field Director Bailed Kyle Jurek Out of Jail After Recent Arrest – Were Campaign Funds Used to Bail Him Out?

Project Veritas this week released part 1 and 2 of their “Expose 2020” series showing a Bernie Sanders field organizer praising Joseph Stalin and saying he had a legitimate reason to use gulags.

The Bernie field organizer called for the mass murder of opposition if President Trump wins reelection.

“F*cking cities will burn” if Trump gets reelected Bernie Sanders organizer Kyle Jurek told an undercover Project Veritas journalist.

In the video you see Bernie’s Field Organizer Kyle Jurek suggesting that Trump supporters need re-education camps.

Bernie’s Field Organizer has a long arrest record.

Kyle Jurek was arrested on drug charges back in 2016 and he was arrested again in 2009 on drug charges.

Mr. Jurek was arrested again in 2016 on drug charges and operating while intoxicated.

Kyle Jurek was arrested last year in September in Urbandale, Iowa, again on drug charges.

James O’Keefe reported on Thursday that Kyle Jurek was just released on bail earlier this week after his arrest on January 7, 2020.

Mr. Jurek is still on the Sanders campaign.

O’Keefe reported that Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Regional Field Director Luke bailed Kyle Jurek out of jail.

“He’s like ‘don’t say another word,’ we (Sanders campaign?) already processed your bail… sit tight.”

Were campaign funds used? O’Keefe asked.

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