Mike Rowe: Bloomberg ‘Lost Me’ With Calling California ‘Great Example’

Mike Rowe is a regular guy. The longtime TV star and former host of “Dirty Jobs” usually cuts through the BS and gets straight to the point.

So when former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said California was a “great example” for America’s other 49 states, Rowe couldn’t contain himself.

“I think that California can serve as a great example for the rest of this country,” Bloomberg said, City News Service reported. “You have led the way on climate change, on fighting gun violence and on criminal justice. And you have, as importantly, welcomed immigrants with open arms. Because unlike our president, you understand immigration doesn’t threaten America, immigration strengthens America.”

But Rowe said Friday, uh, not so much, saying Bloomberg “lost me with that whole ‘California is a model’ thing.”

“It’s probably beyond my pay grade but my understanding of what’s going on in California is seemingly different than his, so I don’t get it,” he said.

Still, Rowe said some of Bloomberg’s platform makes sense.

“I read his plan — it’s kind of like a fruitcake, there’s some stuff in it I like,” Rowe said. “I like the idea of pushing technical trades. I like the idea of focusing on parts of the country that haven’t participated in the economy that we have.”

President Trump has repeatedly pointed out California’s many shortcomings, including its homelessness and drug crises. The state, which has one of the highest tax rates in the country, has long been ruled by Democrats.

Rowe was recently mentioned as a guy who should run for office in California.

Rich Karigaard writes at Forbes:

Mike Rowe for California Governor 2022

Dear Mike,

We met once, a decade ago when you emceed an XPRIZE event in San Francisco. We briefly chatted, but you won’t remember me out of the hundreds in the audience that included Robin Williams and Sergey Brin.

Many, like me, were impressed by your onstage charisma. As Forbes publisher since 1998, I’ve met many stars in business, finance and entertainment. Surprisingly few have a presence that is both magnetic and appealing.

Please consider the following as advice – a plea, actually – from a fan.

Mike, please jump in the California governor’s race in 2022. You’re the only candidate who can restore sanity and balance to California’s governance. And you can win. You are this season’s Schwarzenegger, Ventura, Trump.

California is cruising for a bruising. The economy is lopsidedly dependent on a shrinking base of major industries. You can count them on one hand: technology (but only tech that scales rapidly from startup to global footprint, along with the vaults of VC money to do so), biotech, entertainment and tourism.

Rowe has not said if he would consider it or not, but he is flattered.

FOX News reports:

Mike Rowe reacts to op-ed calling on him to run for governor of California: ‘It’s flattering’

Amid California’s pressing homeless crisis and exodus of manufacturing jobs, TV host and author Mike Rowe on Friday reacted to a Forbes op-ed calling on him to run for governor of the Golden State in 2022.

“It’s very flattering,” Rowe told “Fox & Friends,” noting that he had read the article but stopping short of throwing his hat in the ring…

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