“It’s Like Being in a Room when Someone’s Vacuuming. You Can’t Wait for it to Stop” – BOOM! – Jesse Watters Goes Off on Epic Tirade After Schiff’s Marathon Impeachment Speech (VIDEO)

Adam Schiff went off on a deranged Trump-Russia screed during his opening arguments at the Senate Impeachment Trial.

Schiff went from lie to conspiracy throughout his 2-hour marathon speech.

It was outrageous and insane!

Schiff opened up calling President Trump a “king” and “cheat” and then moved on to assert that President Trump is a puppet of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

This afternoon on The Five Jesse Watters WENT OFF on an epic tirade after Adam Schiff’s marathon impeachment open.

Jesse Watters:  The Democrats have done a lot of dumb things in Trump’s first term but putting Adam Schiff on television for two straight hours might be up there with the dumbest.   The man looks like a rotten dandelion.  Listening to him is like being in the room  when someone’s vacuuming.  You just can’t wait for it to stop.

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