Illegal Alien From Somalia and Well-Known Muslim Religious Leader in Texas Charged with Sex Crimes Against 4 Children

Mohamed Omar Ali

59-year-old Mohamed Omar Ali, a Somali national (living in the US illegally) and well-known Islamic religious leader in Texas, has been charged with sex crimes against four children.

Fort Bend county authorities said during a presser that there are additional victims and urged them to come forward.

Fort Bend Sheriff’s office also confirmed that Mohamed Ali Omar met his victims at the local mosques in the community where he was able to gain trust with families and enter their homes to teach children the Quran.

As expected, a Muslim man named Shariq Abdul Ghani was present at the presser and downplayed Mohamed Ali Omar’s status as a ‘religious leader.’

Ghani, who runs the Minaret Foundation, said that Mohamed Ali Omar was ‘not known’ to the Muslim community, which of course is a total lie.

“He would visit different homes and teach Quran,” Ghani told reporters. “Essentially, we’d call him a freelancer. He was looked at as a religious leader possibly by his victims. But as far as the Muslim community, he was unknown to us.”

Sheriff Troy Nehls described Mohamed Ali Omar as a “popular religious leader” who would go from mosque to mosque in Fort Bend County and the greater Houston area teaching children the Arabic language.

The specific ages and genders of the victims was not publicly released, however, Ali was charged with sexual assault of a child and sexual indecency of a child after an investigation was launched in September.

Ali remains behind bars on a $125,000 bond and had an immigration detainer placed on him for living in the country illegally, Sheriff Nehls said.

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