Hustler Magazine Sends Congress Christmas Card Depicting Graphic Assassination of President Trump

Hustler magazine, a grotesque pornographic monthly publication run by Larry Flynt, sent Congress a Christmas card depicting a graphic assassination of President Trump.

The front of the card showed a cartoon holding a smoking gun with a caption, “I just shot Donald Trump on Fifth Avenue, and no one arrested me.”

This was a reference to Trump’s lawyers arguing in court that the president could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not be charged.

The inside of the card showed a dead, bloody Donald Trump with two shotgun wounds to the trunk of his body.

Everyone surrounding Trump’s dead body was cheering — there was even a Santa Claus and a child cheering his assassination.

“Merry Christmas!” – “From all of us at Hustler”

Politico reporter Melanie Zanona says she confirmed the authenticity of the card with Hustler – “the card was sent by HUSTLER and was our official holiday card for 2019.”

The left, especially the lunatics in Hollywood, constantly make references to assassinating President Trump.

Z-list loser Kathy Griffin said she was put on the Interpol list and the Five Eyes list after she did a photoshoot holding up a bloody severed Trump head.