Hillary Clinton Injects Herself Into Trump Impeachment Trial, Accuses McConnell of Covering Up Crimes

Hillary Clinton injected herself into Trump’s impeachment trial on Tuesday morning and accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of covering up a crime.

McConnell unveiled his impeachment trial rules Monday and the Democrats immediately attacked him and accused him of rigging the trial.

Hillary Clinton joined Democrats Schumer and Schiff and accused McConnell of setting a “rigged process” and “truncated schedule” and saying he does not want the American people to hear from witnesses or see evidence.

“The rules Sen. McConnell has proposed for the president’s impeachment trial are the equivalent of a head juror colluding with the defendant to cover up a crime,” Hillary said.

“Call your senators and urge them to push for witnesses and evidence, not a cover-up” she added.

Says the most corrupt woman in US history.

Hillary Clinton has committed countless crimes throughout her life as a lawyer, first lady and a politician.

Speaking of covering up crimes, Hillary Clinton used BleachBit to destroy 33,000 State Department emails and her aides took hammers to several BlackBerrys under congressional subpoena.

Here are the cold, hard facts about Hillary’s criminal husband Bill Clinton’s impeachment vs. Trump’s sham impeachment:

President Trump is accused of two offenses, neither is a crime.
Article One: Abuse of Power — broad and undefined non-criminal action.
Article Two: Obstruction of Congress — Not a crime and completely made up charge

Now compare that to the Clinton Impeachment trial in 1998.

Bill Clinton was accused of 11 separate felonies and impeachable offenses.

The Starr Report, presented on Sept. 9,1998, presented 11 impeachable offenses. Bill Clinton was eventually charged because he “…willfully provided perjuries, false and misleading testimony to the grand jury,” and made “…corrupt efforts to influence the testimony of witnesses and to impede the discovery of evidence.”

The Starr report cited 11 specific possible grounds for impeachment in four categories:
Five counts of lying under oath
Four counts of obstruction of justice
One count of witness tampering
One count of abuse of constitutional authority

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