‘Front Hole’? Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s ‘Safer Sex for Trans Bodies’ Renames Body Parts


“Front hole”?

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has published a “Safer Sex for Trans Bodies” guide, and the folks at the foundation have decided to rename male and female genitalia (sorry, “parts”).

From the new guide:

DICK: We use this word to describe external genitals. Dicks come in all shapes and sizes and can belong to people of all genders.

FRONT HOLE: We use this word to talk about internal genitals, sometimes referred to as a vagina. A front hole may self-lubricate, depending on age and hormones.

STRAPLESS: We use this word to describe the genitals of trans women who have not had genital reconstruction (or “bottom surgery”), sometimes referred to as a penis.

VAGINA: We use this word to talk about the genitals of trans women who have had bottom surgery.

The guide has tips on masturbation, a section titled, “SCREWING, SHAGGING OR MATTRESS DANCING,” and one on safe sex “without barriers.”

The wags on Twitter took note of the new guide.

“Wow, so trans women have a vagina, but us biological women have a ‘front hole,'” wrote another Twitterer. “LOL these people are insane.”


“Um, what point is there in downgrading the correct anatomical name for a born female’s genitalia to “front hole”. I can’t even…” wrote another.


“I’m pretty sure we’ve arrived at the Singularity now. Enlightenment has been total back hole,” wrote yet another.

One last guy had the final word.

“The HRC foundation does not own language, fortunately. I have two specific words for them.”



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