Elizabeth Warren Blames Trump For Disease Outbreaks Like Coronavirus

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is plunging in the polls. The pathological liar — who has been caught in baldfaced lies time and again — is running in fourth in the latest poll in Iowa.

So the Massachusetts Democrat, suffering from a severe case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), has decided to blame everything — and we mean everything — on President Trump.

Even the spread of diseases such as the coronavirus in China, more than 7,500 miles from the White House.

“To effectively beat infectious diseases like coronavirus, we need all hands on deck,” Warren wrote on Twitter. “But like so much else, Trump’s approach to keeping us safe from disease outbreaks is a mess. When he’s gone, we must fix the damage he’s done — and I’ve got a plan for that.”

The coronavirus broke out at a market, where visitors eat exotic animals like bats, snakes, turtles and other unappetizing creatures. As of Wednesday, at least 132 people had died from the virus and about 6,000 cases had been confirmed, according to The New York Times. All deaths have occurred in China and there are just five confirmed cases of the virus in the U.S.

Trump has been proactive on the issue. The Trump administration said Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar way back on Jan. 6 offered to send a team from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to China, but China never accepted the offer.

But Warren has released her own plan, remembering the key Democratic strategy embraced by former president Barack Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel to “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

“In her plan to stop the spread of infectious diseases, Warren hit at Trump for failing to fill all positions in the sprawling federal bureaucracy as well as for not falling in line with the Paris accords aimed at responding to climate change,” the Western Journal wrote.

“Trump has repeatedly tried to nickel and dime federal programs essential to health security,” Warren charged in her plan, also claiming that Trump’s “response to natural disasters that could lead to serious outbreaks, like hurricanes in Puerto Rico, has been basically non-existent. “

“On the global stage, his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement demonstrates reckless denial about the role of climate change in fueling epidemics. His foreign policy has damaged long-standing alliances with partners like the U.K. and France, who are critical partners in responding to global health crises,” she said.

Warren’s plan said a collection of approaches that puts more money into the State Department and global health organizations, embraces “Medicare for All” and invests in the Green Climate Fund will reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

She also said that as president, she will be the champion of those who others ignored.

“Underserved and disadvantaged populations are hit harder by outbreaks,” she said. “Adding insult to injury, vulnerable populations are often scapegoated for spreading disease. Outbreak responses must ensure that everyone can get the help they need.”


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