Dershowitz Schools Pelosi: “If Trump’s Acquitted – the Impeachment Disappears” (VIDEO)

A solemn and prayerful Nancy Pelosi made the rounds this month celebrating President Trump’s party line impeachment.

Democrat Speaker went on with Bill Maher last weekend to celebrate her work.

The liberal audience gave her a standing ovation for her political stunt.

Pelosi made clear her actions against the president were nothing more than a political stunt.

The hateful Democrat told Bill Maher, “You’re impeached forever. It can never be erased.”

But Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz disagrees.

Alan Dershowitz corrected Speaker Pelosi on her misreading of the Constitution.

Dershowitz told Sean Hannity this week:

“Nancy Pelosi doesn’t understand what impeachment is.

“What she has said is, even if the president is acquitted, the impeachment stands – No.”

“That’s like saying that, if a person is indicted and the jury acquits 12-0 in five minutes, he’s still indicted.”

“No – the impeachment disappears. The impeachment is only a grand jury presentment.”

Via CNS News:

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