CBS Panel of Suburban Pennsylvania Women Shows Strong Support for Trump, Weak Support for Biden, Dems (Video)

CBS This Morning aired a segment Thursday featuring eight women from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania discussing the 2020 presidential election. Trump narrowly won the Keystone State in 2016 over Hillary Clinton. The panel was comprised of four supporters of President Trump and four who do not support Trump; white, black and Hispanic; Republicans, Democrats, independents and party switchers. The discussion focused on Trump much more than his Democrat rivals with Joe Biden being the only one getting support–but from only one panelist–and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren being rejected by another panelist.

The panel was moderated by CBS This Morning co-host Anthony Mason who did a good job eliciting forthright opinions from the women. The segment was filmed at the Jem Restaurant in Norristown, a suburb of Philadelphia.

The Trump supporters were confident of their votes, basing them on the President’s record of accomplishment on the border, the economy, stock market, foreign policy, national security and his being unlike other Republicans by fighting back when attacked. Most of the Trump supporters acknowledged he has traits that they don’t care for, but they are voting on his record.

The anti-Trump women were not very confident in the candidates running against Trump. Only one named a Democrat they were supporting, Biden, two anti-Trump voters said they were voting for the ‘lesser of evils’. Issues of race came up in the opposition to Trump by two of the panelists, even though one expressed admiration for his strong stance on some issues and wished he were stronger on race. Mason noted after the panel ended several of the women expressed intrigue with the candidacy of Democrat Mike Bloomberg.

Bottom line: The panel was in general agreement that Trump would win reelection in November.

The video is worth the time to watch. Each woman was confident in her opinions and no one bullied or denigrated the other women for their opinions.

With a little over ten months to go until Election Day, will President Trump, campaign manager Brad Parscale and senior advisors Lara Trump, Kayleigh McEnany and Kimberly Guilfoyle be able to persuade one or two of the anti-Trump women on the panel to switch and vote for Trump? It’ll be interesting to find out.

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